Why Do I Need A VPN?

A VPN is more vital today than ever before.

You need a VPN to protect your personal and business information when you surf the web.

Whether it’s fun or for work, if you’re not anonymous, surfing the web means putting a huge amount of information out there for anyone to see. Cyber-criminals are always looking for ways to steal internet users' personal information, and they use special software to intercept information transferred between you and the websites you visit.

Whenever you visit a website, your computer sends packets of information to the site’s hosting server. Most of these packets contain simple information that lets the site transfer data to you so you can see it. However, using packet analyzers, cyber criminals can decode the data sent between your computer and a website, and uncover information that helps them access your private data. Once cyber-criminals have access to your data, they can steal anything from your online banking information and credit card numbers to your private personal information.

VPNs protect you from data theft by encrypting the data packets that are sent between your computer and the websites you’re visiting. GhostPath uses the same type of encryption that banking websites use to protect their data. The difference with a VPN is that ALL of your data is encrypted, not just when you visit banking sites.

Ghost Path Lets You Connect Anonymously

GhostPath is a highly encrypted VPN service that lets you access the web anonymously. With GhostPath, you access the internet through a client server, which means that nobody sees your real IP address. When you connect to GhostPath the websites that you use can only see our IP address, not yours.

Ghost Path Encrypts Your Traffic

With GhostPath, every packet of data sent from your PC is encrypted. This means that you can access all the data from any website you want to visit, without worrying about criminals being able to intercept your data and without sending out any data about your own web location. It guarantees a safe, secure and stable browsing experience, without the performance issues that come with web-based proxy servers.


All of your data is encrypted with a high-security key as it travels across our network. None of your private data is ever exposed.

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Want to appear like you are based in the US or Europe? No problem. VPN servers in multiple countries lets you bypass geographic restrictions.

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Our VPN works with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, as well as iOS and Android. No matter what device you're using, you should secure it with VPN.

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